Running Matters

Running Matters is a coaching practice designed for anyone who wants to start running, are already running and would like to improve their performance, or sub elite who would like to get on the podium at their next event.

Whether you prefer running trails or road running, maybe a bit of both, I can design a program to suit your needs, lifestyle and or race goals. 

I specialise in personalised online programs for people throughout Australia and overseas.

If you live in Sydney, join us for any of our three group runs each week.



I’ve always enjoyed running trails of any distance, but Running Matters Coaching has broken down the barriers of what I thought was possible. It’s equipped me to take on my running goals and race my first 100k. Even though I’ve been running my entire life, I’m now the fittest I’ve ever been, and my running is definitely the strongest it’s ever been. I’m winning races and breaking PB’s. The difference is having a coach to guide you when to push and when to hold back. It’s a delicate balance to improve fitness and avoid injury. Matt is extremely knowledgeable on everything running, I’ve learnt so much regarding nutrition, training and racing strategy. Matt takes on a holistic approach, taking into account the physical and mental components to improve running performance. 

Nicole Wilding

With very little running experience I asked Matt to coach me for an upcoming race that I had entered.  

The level of detail and professionalism that went into my individualised program each week was amazing! 

It was easy to follow my program from an App he uses, and he adapted the program to suit my busy lifestyle.

 He did a great job getting me to the start line in the best possible condition and most importantly uninjured. I went on to compete in many events including a 50km trail race and I'm still racing regularly with Matt's guidance.

Thank you for your constant support and advice throughout my journey.

Paul Spratt

I’ve been training under Matt’s guidance since the inception of Running Matters Coaching, and have had the pleasure of watching Matt build an environment in which athletes can excel. Matt’s style is to both challenge and support each individual to ensure they can break down mental barriers to success, and excel physically, to achieve outcomes beyond what they believed they were capable of. Matt’s focus on structure, discipline, recovery and nutrition, alongside his desire to build community, has resulted in a coaching environment that I’m proud and enthusiastic to be a part of. On a personal level I have achieved personal bests across everything from Parkrun to marathon and ultra-marathon with Matt’s guidance, and I would highly recommend him!

David Dunne

About Me

I enjoy nothing more than running! I have completed a number of trail events over the years including 22km, 30km, 50km, and 100km. My fastest time for a 100km trail race was 9hrs 52mins at Surf Coast Century in VIC. Other trail events I have participated in, include UTA, Coastal Classic, 4 Peaks in Bright and the Six Foot Track Marathon.

Occasionally I get the urge to get back on the road and enjoy some speed work. Over the years I have participated in many of the major road racing events including the City 2 Surf, Sydney Marathon, Canberra Marathon, Sutherland to Surf and the Ironman Triathlon. My fastest road marathon was 2hrs 41mins.

With over 30 years of experience to share, I can assist you to develop a training program to best suit your lifestyle and fitness ability.

Qualifications include:


  • Level 3 Trail and Ultra Marathon Distance Coach- Athletics Australia
  • Level 3 Middle and Long Distance High Performance Coach- Athletics Australia
  • Level 2 Recreational Running Coach- Athletics Australia
  • Level 1 Recreational Running Coach- Athletics Australia